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buffy_icons's Journal

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BtVS/AtS icons
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Here is a place to post and snatch icons from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. When you post, please mention whether your icons are up for grabs or display only.

This community is moderated by Erin, aka cearalaith, and you may e-mail her with questions or comments (or to join!) at any time. (Please put "buffy_icons" somewhere in the subject or body of the e-mail, so it doesn't get caught by her spam filter.)

Community Rules

1) This is a moderated community. Anyone may join and comment on posts, but only icon makers will be granted access to make new posts to the community.

To gain posting access, please e-mail Erin with your request, your username, and a sample icon or a link to where your icons are kept online -- oh, and tell her what Rule #4 is. If your e-mail does not contain this information, she'll have to assume that you have not read the community rules, and your membership will be delayed. Your icon will not be judged; beginners and experienced icon-makers alike are welcome.

2) plz do not type like this. its hard 2 read & understand. thx.

3) When posting more than four icons, please use the lj-cut tag. Some people have slow connections, and it's a drag to load tons of icons. Also, if you're posting even *one* animated icon, please use the cut tag.

(For info on LJ tags, look at the FAQ, here.

4) No posting requests! All requests and questions belong in btvs_requests.

5) No stealing icons! If you're going to take someone's icon, comment and tell them. If you're going to take someone's icon and pass their work off as your own, you'll be removed from the community.

6) In general, no advertising. Ending your icon post with a link back to your icon journal is fine; asking people to join your (unrelated) community is annoying. Use common sense!

If you'd like to request an icon, or answer icon requests, please check out btvs_requests.

If you need help using a graphics program such as Photoshop, check out WebMonkey, which has lots of nifty plain-English tutorials.

For general LiveJournal help, go to the LiveJournal FAQ. f you need technical help with the community itself, contact Erin.

Thanks for being a part of the buffy_icons community!

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